Let me help you find the perfect home

Buying a new home or property can be a daunting task. I can help you navigate the many details and decisions you`ll encounter along the way. Here are just some of the value-added benefits of working with a qualified and committed agent when looking to purchase real estate:

  • Adds experience and expertise in all aspects of the sales process including marketing, financing, negotiations and more. 
  • Coordinates all showings with consideration to times that work best for you.
  • Brings a network of known, trusted real estate professionals. If your agent doesn't have the answer, he or she likely knows someone who does.
  • Always has your interests in mind so you always have someone on your side.
  • Can handle and advise on all price and contract negotiations.
  • Provides you with all the possible options and opportunities without holding back.
  • Gives an unbiased, realistic view of your options. Unlike buyers and sellers, an agent has no emotional attachment to property.
  • Has the knowledge to help you ask the right questions.
  • Your time is valuable. A real estate agent allows you to spend your time how you want.

Finding a real estate agent who understands your needs and is a good fit for you is important. Feel free to contact me today to discuss your specific needs. 

Purchasing a New Home—Getting Started

1.  Find the right representative
Even if you’re not quite ready to buy, it's a good idea to touch base with me now so I can keep an eye on the market for you. You don`t want to miss out on the perfect property at the perfect price. Timing can be everything when purchasing real estate.

2.  Find out what your price range is
Use an online mortage calculator to get a rough idea of what you are prepared to spend on your new home or property. That being said, as you get closer to being ready to buy, there is no substitute for a written mortgage pre-approval. Just speaking to your lender is an extremely worthwhile venture – this is the only way to really get an in-depth picture of your overall financial picture and to discover exactly what you can reasonably afford to spend.

3.  Find out what the local market looks like
The internet can be incredibly valuable in doing preparatory research. I am also able to provide you with helpful information. Feel free to contact me to discuss the real estate market in Valemount and the Robson Valley.

4.  Find out what your true needs and wants are
Compose a needs/wants list that takes into consideration the local market conditions, your price range, and any advice you`ve received from locals and professionals such as myself along the way.

5.  Find your dream home!
Once you’re ready to act, you may be surprised by how quickly you can make a decision. Armed with your pre-approval, a little market knowledge, and your needs/wants list, give me a call, hit the pavement, and when you see ‘the house’, put in an offer. 

It can really be that easy! Contact me today and let`s get started on finding your home in the mountains.



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